Congratulations on your offer to study at UOW College. Once you have received your offer you will be ready to enrol. Follow the steps below to enrol in your course.

How to enrol

To secure your place at UOW College your first step is to accept your offer. Check your email for your offer letter and follow the instructions provided in the email. Be sure to check any conditions attached to your offer under the 'Conditions' sub-heading. You must clear any conditions before you are able to enrol.

It is important to understand your course requirements and options available to you before you enrol.

When you are enrolling, your session one subjects will automatically appear as part of the enrolment process. Important: If you are studying full time, you must enrol in ALL of the first session subjects that appear. Information about your subjects, streams of study (if applicable), and Progression to UOW Requirements is available in the course subject outline

Watch ‘How to enrol at UOW College‘ below and read our Enrolment Guide for detailed instructions on enrolment process.

Get your photo ready for your student ID card. Make sure your photo meets our requirements.

Understand your fee options - Eligible domestic students may have the option to pay their fees upfront or defer the payment. A deferred payment is commonly referred to as a HELP Loan. If you are deferring your fees, you will need to provide your tax file number during enrolment. Visit our fees page for more information on your payment options.

  • If applying for a HELP Loan you must have a Tax File Number (TFN). If you don’t have a TFN apply for one immediately. The name in which you apply for a TFN must match your enrolment record.

You citizenship must be confirmed before you enrol. If you haven't already done this, please contact UOW College for advice on (02) 4252 8804 or

Course structure and subjects You can view course details including subject choices and mark requirements in your Academic Course Outline

Your final step is to enrol in your course. You can start your enrolment as soon as you have your student number (included with your offer).

TIP Remember to write down your user account and password. 

  1. UOW Account: Activate your online student account
  2. Personal Details: Check and confirm your personal details including your emergency contact
  3. Survey: The Australian government requires all students to complete this survey. If you do not know the answer to a question, leave it blank and move to the next question
  4. Upload Photo: Upload your photo for your student ID card
  5. Select Offer: Select the course you are enrolling in
  6. Select your billing preference:
    Domestic students: To continue enrolment you must either choose NOT to apply for a HELP Loan (you will either pay your fees in full or via instalment) OR complete a HELP Loan application
    International students: Skip this step as international students are not eligible for HELP Loans.
  7. Enrolment Variation: Add your session subjects by selecting each subject
  8. Summary: Read through the Summary and click the green Email Summary button and log out. Your Enrolment Record will be emailed to you.


Enrolment help

At UOW College, we want to make enrolment as easy as possible, however if you encounter any issues please contact us. We will also be able to assist you with completing your enrolment when you attend orientation.

Any questions, contact 4252 8804 or or come to one of our virtual drop-in sessions at Orientation.

Once you have enrolled

You will be allocated a UOW user account when you enrol. You will be able to change your password an hour after it's first activated.

Make sure you have completed your security profile so if you forget your password, or it expires, you can reset it online.

Your user account gives you access to the various IT services available including internet and Wi-Fi, printing and copying, computer access, SOLS, UOWMail and online library resources. More information on these services is included below.

SOLS is where you will self-manage many aspects of your enrolment, from enrolling in subjects, choosing your class times, accessing eLearning (Moodle), managing your fees, checking subject results and much more.

It's also one of the key ways the University will communicate with you through 'SOLSMail' messages. It’s a good idea to check your SOLSMail regularly.

You can login to SOLS here using your UOW username and password.

Our Support for your study page includes useful information to help you get started on the right foot.

You will need to make sure you only complete enrolment for your preferred course. If you enrol in a course and change your mind afterwards, you will need to withdraw from the course (via your SOLS account) before you enrol in your chosen course. 

Note: You will need to ensure this is done before the relevant session census dates.  Failure to do so will result in liability for fees associated with the original course.  

Suppose you receive another offer that you would prefer to accept. In that case, you will need to withdraw from all subjects for the course you initially enrolled in (via your SOLS account) prior to the session census date (failure to do so will result in liability for fees associated with this course).  Following this, you will need to begin your preferred course’s enrolment process.

I am having problems accessing the system? 

There are various reasons you may not be able to start your enrolment.   

Some common messages you may receive together with steps to take to enable you to start your enrolment: 

  • Message: ‘Student type on admissions does not match’ - you need to confirm your citizenship to have your conditions cleared to allow you to enrol. 

  • You will need to email a certified copy of your passport and/or birth certificate to  ensure you reference your full name and student number in the subject of the email and reference the reason why you are sending the document in your email. 

  • Message: ‘Not a valid offer / conditional offer’ - if you have studied at another University, UOW will require a certified copy of your Academic transcript.   

  • You will need to send a scanned copy of this document to the UOW College Student Services team via team for verification. Ensure you reference your full name and student number in the subject of the email and reference the reason why you are sending the document in your email. 


I don’t know my student number, where do I find it? 

If you applied to UOW College directly, your student number will be referenced on your offer letter/emails from UOW. If you applied via the UAC, your student number is sent via email (within a week or so after receiving your offer) to your preferred email account.   

What do I do if my personal details in the system are incorrect?  

If your details are incorrect, please contact UOW College Student Service via or call +61 4252 8804 at for help with updating your information prior to proceeding with your enrolment.  

I can’t see my visa details? 

Our enrolment system will not always display visa information. This information is recorded separately.  

Do I have to provide an emergency contact? Who should they be? 

It is essential you provide UOW College with someone to contact in the unlikely case of an emergency on campus. Your emergency contact can be anyone you trust to respond to a personal situation like a family member or close friend. 

What is the difference between the ‘Current Session Address’ and ‘Permanent Home Address’? 

Upon enrolment, you will be required to provide UOW with two addresses: 

  1. An address for where you will be living during each academic session (current session address); and  

  1. An address for where we can contact you out of session, an example may be your home address.   

The two addresses may be the same. If your details change during your studies, please update via your SOLS account

What is the survey and why do I have to do it? 

The enrolment survey is an Australian Government mandated questionnaire that informs institutional decision-making and reporting practices.  It is important that you answer questions honestly, as your responses will contribute to planning for support services at UOW. 

What if I don’t know the answer to a question in the survey? 

If you do not know the answer, leave the question blank and move on to the next question. 

Why is my photo required and how will it be used? 

Your photo will be used for your Student ID to confirm your identity.  Your Student ID is unique to you and you will have to supply this number regularly during your studies at UOW. 

Do I have to upload a photo now? 

Uploading a photo will save you time during the enrolment process. However, if you are unable to upload a photo simply skip this step.  

Are there requirements for the photo? 

You can find a full list of requirements here

I don’t like my photo, can I change it? 

You can change your photo at any time before you finalise your enrolment on the system.  However, once you have received your email summary, your photo will be finalised in the system. If you wish to replace it after your enrolment is finalised, you will incur a cost of $20.00. 

My photo won’t upload, what do I do? 

Double-check the file format.  UOW suggests converting the image into a JPEG or a PNG before attempting to upload the photo again.

A USI is a unique number issued to each student by the Government. Once you create a USI, you have it for life. You will need a USI in order to receive commonwealth financial assistance, as well as to obtain your qualification. 

For detailed information on how to apply for a USI and whether you need one when you enrol, visit our USI page

What information do I need to know about my tuition fees? 

Please refer to the Domestic student fee help or International student fee help videos for help understanding tuition fee requirements. 

When are tuition fees due? 

Tuition fees are always due on the relevant session census date. Census date is the last date to: 

  • Pay fees 

  • Withdraw from subjects (without incurring a fee); and 

  • Change HECS / HELP billing options (if eligible). 

What are HECS-Help and SA Help? 

Please refer to the HELP loans and billing options webpage for an overview of each type. 

Can I defer my fees? 

If you are eligible and wish to defer your fees to a HELP Loan, you will need to: 

  • Confirm your billing type by selecting ‘Apply’ under the ‘HELP Loan Option’ tab in system 

  • Provide your Tax File Number (TFN); and 

  • Confirm your billing option for your . 

Can I change my payment option at any time (eligible Students only)? 

You can change your payment option (billing) in your SOLS account as long as it is before the relevant session’s census dates.  To do this, simply: 

  1. Log in to your SOLS account 

  1. Select the ‘Fees’ menu (referred to as Help-Loan Option) 

  1. Click the 'Maintain' button (for your default billing type); and 

  1. Follow the prompts. 

What if I don’t have a Tax File Number (TFN) – can I still enrol? 

Yes, you can enrol in your course without a TFN. A TFN is only required if you are an eligible student using the HECS-HELP billing option.   

  1. Select 'upfront' as your default billing option; and 

  1. When you receive your TFN, change your billing option to HECS-HELP (through your SOLS account) before the sessions .  

I’m paying upfront; do I have to read and understand all payment options? 

Yes. You need to read and acknowledge all information on the SOLS ‘Help Loan Option’ tab and select the ‘full upfront payment’ as your billing option.

I am not sure how to select subjects for my course?  

The subject that you will study are outlined in your Academic Course Outline  

Should you require additional assistance, contact our Student Services team. 

Why do I have default subjects? 

Some courses have core subjects that must be completed. The enrolment system will pre-populate these subjects if these apply to your course. All you have to do is click the ‘Add’ button. 

How many subjects am I supposed to enrol in? 

Domestic undergraduate students may enrol in a minimum of one, and maximum of four subjects. To complete an undergraduate course within the duration specified in the Course Handbook, students should be enrolling in four (4) subjects per session. 

Note:  If you are enrolled in less than three (3) subjects* you will be considered a part-time student. This can affect Government benefits. All international students are required to enrol in full-time studies, i.e. four (4) subjects, as per student visa requirements.  

When I try to enrol I receive the message ‘Course constraint’. What do I do? 

This means you are trying to add a subject that does not relate to your course or is only available at another campus. In these instances, contact Student Services team. 

I’m having problems entering my subject codes, what do I do? 

You will need to ensure the subject code you are trying to enter is correct, for example, some subject codes are seven (7) digits with no space between the letters and numbers, e.g., ACCY111. However, some subjects are six (6) digits with a space between the letters and number, e.g., LAW 111. If you are entering the number correctly and you are still experiencing issues, this could mean:    

  1. The last date to add a subject has passed (refer to key dates

  1. The subject quota is 'Full' 

  1. There is a Course Constraint (see above); or 

  1. You have reached the maximum points for enrolment in the current session. 

If you are still having issues, please contact UOW College Student Service at  for assistance. 

I have credit for prior (CPL) learning – what subjects can I enrol in? 

You will need to liaise with your Academic Program team staff who can help you with appropriate subject selection before you can finalise your enrolment.   

I only enrolled in one subject, where can I add the rest? 

If you completed the online enrolment process with only one subject, you CAN change/add/withdraw additional subjects through your SOLS account.  To do this: 

  1. Log in to SOLS; and 

  1. Select 'Enrolments / Variations' (from the left hand menu). 

I am enrolling for the upcoming session. Do I have to enrol in future sessions at the same time? 

You are only required to enrol for the current session. For future sessions, there is always plenty of time to enrol before session commencement.